Process Painting

process painting

Process Painting Participants’ Feedback :

“Kenny G music makes me dance on my painting, follow the music rhythm” KL Wong

“Feeling good. Nice environment” MX

“It was very relaxing and I enjoyed the whole process especially the end result of the drawing. Overall it is a very satisfying process!” CL

“Nice place to relax, draw out my inner image. This is good learning !!” JS

“It was an amazing experience ! Relaxing, peaceful and understand myself better via process painting” NL

Acrylic Tree 020215 (2) landscape

IMG_20160723_175512 - Copy

IMG_20160723_175802 - Copy

MX 300716. V2 - Copy


IMG_20160723_175611 - Copy

IMG_20160723_175635 - CopyKL WONG 300716. V1 - Copy.jpg

KL WONG 300716. V2 - Copy